Twenty 4

The appearance of patek philippe twenty 4 replica watches, evolved from the Gondolo series. The rectangular case is commensurate with the slender woman of thewrist. The case and the table mirror are especially designed with a curved surface to make the watch more fitting to the wrist. The bracelet combination of thewatch is like a beautiful bracelet that overturned the lady's inherent impression of the watch. The case size is 25 x 30 millimeters, also equipped with Caliber quartz movement, in order to provide more choices, the dial is also very rich in color.

18K Rose Gold Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Replica Watch, so that women who have a special liking for rose gold must be unable to stop, not only highlight the charming charm, but also an elegant style.
The rectangular "eternal white" dial is set with diamond hour markers and gold three-dimensional Roman numerals, combining the modernity of the top-notch Wesselton diamonds with the Roman numerals of vintage taste and revealing The elegant temperament, simple square dial without adding too much modification, the simple and stylish sense of the atmosphere so that high imitation for different occasions.
With a 30 mm diameter this imitate patek philippe twenty 4 watch, from the side, the thickness of the high imitation watch happens to fit the female wrist, the curved case design, feel the perfect collision of the high imitation form with the skin, the case through the table The ear is seamlessly affixed with a bracelet made of 18K rose gold, unmistakably showing exquisite craftsmanship. 18K rose gold bracelet engraved with the Patek Philippe classic logo design, also revealed that Patek Philippe Replica has always believed in philosophy of excellence, to comply with the principle of quality.